New Art Print: Crinoline

This etching was inspired by the Crinoline, one of the many peculiar undergarments of the Victorian era. I find it both fascinating and disturbing the way the female body has been molded through the ages to fit the ever changing ideals of beauty.

Prints are available for sale HERE.

New Decor and Art Inspired by Japanese Textiles

I love Japanese textiles! In this collection of home decor, I've incorporated traditional motifs and added some unexpected modern twists, like in this chevron patterned floral shower curtain. The collection includes four different complimentary prints available in a wide variety of home decor items including: shower curtains, bath mats, throw pillows, duvet covers and more.

Available for sale HERE.

The print shown is a reproduction of a two color etching and is available in a variety of sizes, framed or unframed.

Prints are available for sale HERE.


Grandma Was Right. It's a Great Life Unless You Weaken!

When I was a kid, my Grandma used to say this all the time: "It's a Great Life Unless You Weaken!" At the time, it struck me as a really negative thing to say, but now I see it as defiantly optimistic or in the words of Elizabeth Gilbert "Stubborn Gladness". Oh, hell yes! When it comes to celebrating optimism in the face of adversity expressed in the medium of needlepoint, I'm in good company. One of my all time favorite artists, Louise Bourgeois embroidered a similar sentiment: "I've Been To Hell and Back. And Let Me Tell You, It Was Wonderful."

This artwork is available as fine art prints in various sizes, framed or unframed as well as greeting cards.